Shall Ocin (AR)

Shall Ocin starts feeling the music since very young, piaying the guitar and electric bass, in contact with a myriad of musical styles, showing a fondness for distortion, 80's music and funk. In 1998, he discovers the turntables and begins a new journey as a dj His contagious groove and nack for production of dance floor tracks, opened the doors of different clubs in Argentina, Spain, France, and Germany. In 2006 he decides to settle in Valencia, Spain. and deciding to produce his own music. In 2010 makes his first releases under the name "PANEOH" and begins to come up in the top of the charts on labels like Bedrock and Connect Four among other labels. Now Shall Ocin, is appearing on labels like Ellum Audio, as well as other underground labels. The future looks very bright, and many more exciting releases are sure to follow.
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