Shairox (NL)

Shailesh Motie, to many better known as Shai Rox, is a musician to the backbone. His interest of music has been present since he was a young boy and he is unstoppable in the music scene. Raised in a musical family and such, he learnt a great part of his musical talent from his grandfather, who played in his own band. He taught him how to play a several amount of instruments at young age. Therefore, Shai Rox had been a fanatic drummer for a while. At a certain moment he decided to continue this way of producing beats and drums onto digital level; a DJ is born! His talent and growing status as a DJ have been noticed in various parts of the world and had the honour to play in many European countries, but also in Morocco, Turkey, Greece, India and China. Eyes wide open, ears pricked up. Shai Rox is coming people!
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