Sergi Domene (ES)

["Sergi Domene is true music lover and worshipper of the most expressive genre\nwithin Electronica; he\u2019s always enthusiastic about learning and using new\ntechniques and getting new challenges as deejay. For the past 10 years, Sergi\nhas been doing his best to captivate a cosmopolitan audience, by using his\namazing capacity to touch people\u2019s musical emotions both on and off the dance\nfloor.\nRecently named as one of the Top 20 Deejays in Spain, Sergi Domene has conquered\nbooths in clubs such as Pacha Barcelona and Amnesia Ibiza, and has become one of\nthe most representative deejay artists on the Catalan scene.\nHis charismatic connection with the crowd is reignited every night live on air through\nFlaix Club, the most popular program on the successful Catalan radio station called\nFlaix FM. In fact, thanks to Sergis good energy and instinct, Flaix Club has become\none of the best national radio shows in Spain.\nFreshness, preciseness and limitless are words that well describe his productions as\nwell as his deejay sessions, which have been enjoyed and danced to hundreds of\ntimes in clubs in places such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Germany, France, Egypt...\nAfter more than 10 years of deejaying, Sergi Domene can be described as one of those\nversatile and ineffable artists; he always promises to keep on bringing it, day after day,\nusing his unlimited creativity to make new and impressive sounds to captivate the\naudiences.\nCareer\nSergi Domene started his music career more than 15 years ago. He\u2019d always felt\nenchanted by the magic playing out from his radio every day. Inspired by the local radio\nprograms in Catalonia, he eventually decided to initiate his career as a deejay\nrepresenting electronic sounds and Dance Music, and started deejaying at clubs in\ncities like Barcelona and Ibiza, little by little crossing more boarders and captivating a\ndiverse and cosmopolitan audience.\nMedia Impact\nIn 2002 Sergi landed on Flaix FM, a leading Dance Music radio station in Catalonia,\nwhere he started refining his musical personality through a morning show called Flaix\nMat\u00ed (\u201cFlash Morning\u201d). His charismatic voice and affinity with the trendiest sounds\nbrought him to the top on a popular show called Flaix Club, which is also an important\ninstitution within the Spanish Dance Music panorama, where all the number one hits\nare played every night.\nSimple Agency","t. +34 93 398 68 41","[email protected]","simpleagency.net","Barcelona","SPAIN\na branch of Mentes Inquietas S.L","ESB63521926","Independencia 256-260 (Local Interior)","08915 (Badalona)\nClubbing in Spain & Abroad\nImpelled by his strong connection with the crowd, he would soon start deejaying in\nbigger clubs in and around Barcelona, becoming a resident at clubs such as Up &\nDown, Nivel 2 and L\u2019Atl\u00e1ntida Sitges.\nSergi\u2019s growing talent later on also brought him to a residency at Pacha Barcelona, at\nthat time one of the most popular clubs in the city, where he shared the deejay booth\nwith both national and international artists. Here, Sergi most certainly got the\nopportunity to improve and mature his style weekend after weekend during many\nseasons.\nThanks to a close relationship to a great brand like Pacha, Sergi started getting the\nopportunity to travel and deejay in countries like France, Germany, Poland, Greece,\nPortugal, Morocco and Egypt, building up a solid international renown which has\nhelped him a great deal to establish as a professional deejay.\nTo top it all, Sergi Domene has managed to become one of the biggest names in Ibiza,\nthanks to his residencies in clubs like Space Ibiza and Amnesia, collaborating with\nmajor brands like Matin\u00e9e and Pop Star and participating in the sensational Sunday\nsessions on the island. Sergi will most certainly be present this year as well.\nRadio show hosting and deejaying on Ibiza set aside, Sergi also sets aside some hours\nevery Thursday night to re encounter with his most faithful audience at the club Cum\nLaude in Barcelona.\nEvents & Festivals\nThroughout this whole journey Sergi Domene has been able to establish himself as\none of the most emblematic deejay artists on the Catalan scene, as well as becoming\nan indispensable invitee on the most important events and festivals in the region:\nBarcelona Summer Week, Midgnight Festival Girona, University Summer\nFestival, Dance Sound Festival and many more.\nMusic Production\nAfter a long career and getting to the bottom of many different professional fields in the\nmusic industry, Sergi finally decided to take advantage of his knowledge and\ntechniques to focus on music production, and started developing projects with\nprestigious labels such as Fresco Records. Very mentionable is his last production\nalong with Joan Reyes, Black & White, a House theme loaded with electronic\nsensations and very much capable of making the crowds vibrate both on and off the\ndance floor.\nNominations & Awards\nDuring the last 5 years Sergi has received an infinity of nominations as Best Spanish\nDeejay, Best Electro-House Deejay, Best Radio Show Host and so on. On the last\nedition of the Deejaymags Awards he was elected as one of the Top 20 Deejays in\nSpain and his radio show Flaix Club went up to 2nd place among the Best Radio\nShows."]
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