Sense Unique (NL)

Born in ’89 and raised in Harfsen, Eastern Holland. In the year of 2000, having listened to a lot of underground hip-hop, Jesper came in contact with electronic music through listening to Daft Punks – One More Time. It was the first single he ever bought. From then on he build an interest in House music. Jesper started buying his own vinyl at the age of 15 in 2004. He soon found out why DJ'ing was his passion: he wanted to create a Unique feeling on the dancefloor. Sense Unique was born! Having been into DJ'ing for 9 years, Jesper has developed his own sound. It could be described as infecting House with lots of Detroit, Chicago and Disco influences. Timeless tracks and contagious enthousiasm behind the decks have made Sense Unique a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
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