Sekuoia (DK)

Sekuoia – Trips Have you ever felt like music sometimes imitates nature? That a song can invoke the same feelings and sensations as a day out in the forest surrounded by the sounds of life or an evening in listening to nature filtered through the windows? It’s a strange sensation, almost dreamlike, weightless. It’s that same sensation invoked by the delicate electronic music of 21-year-old Danish producer Sekuoia, music that effortlessly bridges ambient, hip hop and electronica. The ‘Trips’ EP was originally released by Sekuoia in 2011 in digital format. Cologne’s UpMyAlley was so enamoured with the four tracks that it decided to remaster them, create new artwork and release it on vinyl. This is the first vinyl release for the young producer who, after time spent in Germany and Detroit, is now based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With previous releases on Project:Mooncircle, remixes for Tomas Barfod on Friends of Friends and Mieux on UpMyAlley as well as live support for WhoMadeWho, Mø, Veto and Active Child, Sekuoia is establishing himself as one to watch for 2014. The EP opens with ‘Something We Lost’, a gentle bounce with a slow rhythm and a melody that etches itself into your brain with ease. ‘Evenings’ uses layered guitar melodies to insert itself into your psyche before pitched vocals and warm bass release you into a stuttered composition that’s jagged yet smooth. ‘Can’t Be Loved’ sounds like the sorrow of someone left to cry by the river alone, guitars twanging in the distance, bass rumbling, voices echoing. ‘Nothing’ closes the EP on a more upbeat vibe as yet more catchy guitar melodies combine with disembodied vocals to propel Sekuoia’s musical vision forward. The music on ‘Trips’ is a delicate balancing act between organic and synthetic sounds, woven together to create a gentle sonic tapestry the listener can rest on. Make time for it and discover a young artist full of ideas and promise.
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