Samuel Fish (US)


An increasingly established voice in New York’s nightlife, Samuel Fish is a promoter and artist originally from Portland whose interests are deeply intertwined with the underground. As the voice of Outer Orbit and a core mind behind Mizz Softee, the diversity of his tastes is reflected in the talent recruited for any events he’s involved in, ranging from classic house and techno vibes to emerging sounds from outer regions and healthy doses of authentic New York afterhours grit. A digger par excellence, Sam’s selections change with his surroundings to slot in with his invitees or flow to their own wayward conclusions, often evading strict genre to revel in groove and atmosphere through deep house, techno, ultramodern breakbeats, wave, disco, vintage tech house, early trance, and leftfield picks.

As Mizz Softee rises to ever greater renown, so does her ambition, recruiting legends like DJ Rolando, Mystic Bill, DJ Hyperactive, Anthony Parasole, Shawn Rudiman, Sandrien and many more. Sam’s sure handed guidance balances weighty names with the crème de la crème of US and international underground tastemakers: Colombia’s Julianna, ISAbella, Queens luminary Physical Therapy, repeated visits from HotMass residents, and local luminaries whose credentials are unquestioned. Alongside co-resident Henry Chow, a veteran of Houston and New York’s house scenes whose Crossroads events are an integral part of the southern circuit, Sam has proven himself a peer of these illustrious artists. Emphasizing continuity and content in both his sets and his curation, he seeks to return ethics to the dancefloor, both in the quality of the music and the atmosphere his endeavors embrace.

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