Sam Gellaitry (GB)

Sam Gellaitry is a 19 year old producer from Stirling, Scotland. He began working on creating tracks when he was 12 after hearing his older brother and friends creating sounds using Acid Pro. Sam continued to experiment with making music on his computer at home in Stirling and decided to leave school at 16 in order to focus more intently on it. This decision was supported by his family who recognised his talent, enthusiasm and commitment to composing his own music. Sam attended a music course at a local college for a short time and there gained more insight into the music business and how it works. Sam has been working exclusively on creating music and playing shows since then. He has toured widely within Europe performing throughout Europe and in the US and Canada. Sam has wide ranging tastes in music and is influenced by a variety of different genres. He has created a range of different tracks with his signature sound embedded in each and has over 100,000 followers on Soundcloud. Sam’s first EP was released in February 2015 and as one of the reviewers (thissongissick.com ) wrote: “Gellaitry’s progressive sound is displayed in his debut Short Stories EP as his hard hitting bass sits perfectly alongside dreamy, atmospheric melodies to create his unique contrasting sound that is truly genre-defying. Each song on this project takes many unexpected turns as the producer constantly surprises with the shifting of a variety of instrumental layers.” Sam released his second Escapism EP on XL records in November 2015.It was very well received as illustrated by this review from alwayshustle.com : If I was going on Naked and Afraid, I would bring Sam Gellaitry’s new EP “Escapism” with me just to make sure we would be able to start a fire. This project is incredible and Sam just continues to get better with everything he puts out. This has to be in your best of 2015 list if you are a fan of instrumental driven, “future” bass. It will be on repeat for me all day. #Sodamngood''
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