Salva di Nobles (ES)

Salva Di Nobles is one of the dj's truly of the club scene in Ibiza. With his characteristic style, energy, charisma and perseverance, he managed to obtain a faithful and dedicated audience. Gaining following in each and every one of his sessions during his 15 years of experience. He was resident DJ at PRIVILEGE IBIZA for 10 years, before moving on to his currently residence at EL PATIO IBIZA, BORA BORA IBIZA. Salva Di Nobles, after years in the business,to this day, have more than 30 references of electronic music. Aside from owning 27FS RECORDS and working together with LABEL WORXS. Salva Di Nobles is elegance and musical power in its purest state. Through his hands, the rhythm of the best tech house vibrate.
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