Ruud van den Muijzenberg (NL)


Crafting stories with melodic techno.That’s the goal of Dutch melodic/techno DJ and producer Ruud van den Muijzenberg (1988). For Ruud music is a medium for telling stories. The cornerstone of his own productions is including complex but recognizable themes, such as mental health and the impact of mass media. Depending on the story he’s telling, the vibe of the music can be darker and vulnerable or brighter and uplifting. This approach gives Ruud the ability to craft melodic techno music that captivates the audience on a deeper level. It also allows him to explore subgenres, while remaining true to his vision.

As a performer, Ruud carefully curates his set based upon the vibe present at the event. Knowing his place and time in a line-up is essential. It will determine what music he ends up playing to create the best experience for the audience. Ruud understands that a warm- up set is completely different from a closing set. Being the bridge between two other artists also means following and building from their flow. Or that 7hr+ plus sets will demand a lot of flexibility and a keen eye on the audience.

Ruud believes a good performance is an energy exchange with the crowd — a connection you will definitely feel while he’s on stage.

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