Ruff Dandy (NL)


Ruff Dandy started off his musical journey digging through vinyl crates on Waterlooplein flea market, mostly buying disco 12inches because of the lack of public interest in them at that moment in time and hence, the bargain prices. Combined with his blossoming love for italo-disco, influenced by both his Italian heritage and the discovery of I-F's Mixed up in the Hague volumes, and (oldschool) electro, he developed an eclectic musical taste and corresponding mixing style playing at house parties under the moniker of Giorgio Banani that earned him a cult following. In the following decades he delved into the history and roots of dance music, further strengthening his love for all things disco and, naturally, bringing house music into the equation. Deep/Chicago, Garage and New York-style house music captured his heart. As his name promises, you can expect an eclectic selection of feel-good party music, catchy as hell, rough when needed, but never tacky/techy.

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