Rudy Peters (NL)

Rudy Peters decided to chase his dreams and created his own brand “CNNCTD DOTS”. Over the pasts ten years, he and his company and team have proven themselves within the national and international dance industry, with DJs and producers who are the crème de la crème within the harder styles under his wing. As their central hub, CNNCTD DOTS offers a solid basis in what is a tumultuous existence. Making artists' lives easier, raising their career to the next level and working towards unprecedented success is precisely what gets him and his team out of bed in the morning. CNNCTD DOTS is skilled in many disciplines and the company’s services can be seen as a PR manager, marketing assistant, press advisor, career mentor, inspiration source, motivator and life buddy all in one. He strives for his company represent the link between artists, promoters and booking agencies.
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