Ruben Verhagen (NL)

He was first introduced to house music around 94. Hardcore took his interest but after hearing Magik by Tiesto for the first time, the addiction started. After consuming everything that was trance related, the need to do something with this beautiful art of music was so big that he started with buying records. Learning the art on old belt-drive turntables, it really took off when the good old Technics SL1210's finally became his. At the same time, the internet revolution of online dance radio just started. Beginning in a small station that was only chat based, soon he started Basicbeats Webstation, together with good friends. Basicbeats got recognized worldwide, being the first station offering real-time switching between a stream and real live sessions. Big names as Cor Fijneman and Dazzle came over on the regular to do their live sessions. In the meanwhile, Ruben(under his RV guise) performed at several clubs his livesessions, including gigs abroad; Germany, Norway and Israel. Nationally a big highlight was making his debut in Marcanti Amsterdam for Xtralarge. Marcanti was the trance capital of that moment. Performing next to big names as Guy Ornadel, Cor Fijneman, Johan Gielen, Rank 1 , Marcel Woods, Misja Helsloot, Precision,Menno de Jong,Sied van Riel, Randy Katana, Signum and Ram, Ruben decided to continue under his full name. 2015 saw the release of a remix of Insigma - Open Our Eyes together with Tim Verkruissen. The remix got released on Armada and received massive support by the likes of Signum,Misja Helsloot, Indecent Noise, Jordan Suckley, James Dymond,Manuel le Saux and Mark Sherry to name a few. In December the second release was there, Angels & Warriors(Above allternate), referring to his monthly radio show. Style was never to be caputered in 1 genre, but it floats somewhere between progressive to goa trance, as long as the records will tell the story the audience wants.
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