Rouge Mary (FR)

Ear candy is probably the first term that comes to mind when listening to Rouge Mary, an up and coming singer with a powerful and captivating voice. From a very early age, he has shown promising talent, and at age 8 was already perfectly imitating the vocal percussions of the Indian music his mother used to sing to him to sleep. Turning 18, he moved to Paris with a heart full of music and passion for his craft. He very quickly got work, singing backing vocals in studio recording sessions, TV shows and gigs for various acts such as Axelle Red, Michel Fugain or Bazbaz. Rouge Mary then joined a gospel choir alongside Linda Lee Hopkins, lead vocalist on Bob Sinclar’s hit “The Beat Goes on”, which allowed him to perform on stage, this time in large and renowned Parisian venues such as Bercy or le Palais des Sports. Singing on stage was the chance for him to test his powerful voice as well as its limitations, like many of his early influences, Aretha Franklin, Prince, and Living Colour among others. When asked how he trains his voice, Rouge Mary simply answers: “my voice does all the training, all I do is exploring music genres”. And explore genres, he certainly does, as he can shift from one to another with great ease, honing his skills with each new experience. Music knowing no boundaries, Rouge Mary also took part in plays, Percy Adlon offered him the part of Cahuenga the Bartender in the Bagdad Café musical, where he sang opposite Jevetta Steele, of notorious “Calling You” fame. This was actually quite a feat since he was the only French singer in an All-American cast to tour the show for two years straight. More recently, he's been chosen by the broadway renowned stage director, Lee Breuer to be the singer in his production, Tennessee Williams's "Streetcar Named Desire" at the Comedie Française in the Richelieu Venue. Rich of these many experiences, Rouge Mary is now performing with "Hercules & Love Affair". Andy Butler, who he met backstage after a show in Paris, invited him to join the international band, the connection was spontaneous and obvious. "God is behind all this" says Rouge Mary. It's a new and different experience that should unveil his shiny wild universe filled with compelling musical gems. The sulfurous Diva Rouge Mary is also the voice featuring on many tracks from various electro music bands like "The Subs", "Château Marmont" or "Mason" among others... Identity wise, he proudly identifies as a trigender. Never expect feminity or masculinity from him as he loves to surprise and made a fine art of never fitting the mold.
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