Rootkit (NO)

At the age of 14 Rootkit, real name Kashif Khan, released a series of songs he made entirely himself while attending school. These he gave out for free on digital services such as Soundcloud just to show the world his art. He had an incredible organic following; managing half a million listens in less than 3 months and catching the attention of an independent digital music label in Canada, Monstercat, as well as Universal Music Norway. Working with these labels, he has been able to disseminate his art through more digital means and begin seeing how music can be a career, not just an art project. Now at the age of 18, Rootkit continues to produce music and is now ready to elevate his ca- reer to a new level. Ambitious, creative and clever, Rootkit is unafraid to connect with artists and brands he admires. By using collaborations and voices he believes can elevate his own sound, Rootkit ́s signature is big, eclectic, and commercial
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