Roi Perez (DE)

After a head start playing records in 2011 as a local resident in Tel Aviv’s underground queer clubbing scene, he moved to Berlin in 2013 in order to continue his personal journey of establishing a coherent, creative and diverse musical language, skills, style and knowledge. Not so long after, he started playing to Berlin’s busiest dancefloors, including being invited to play at the notorious fetish club Lab.Oratory and Berghain’s Panorama Bar. In 2015 Roi started touring worldwide, preforming in important clubs and destinations all across the globe. Roi’s long, eclectic sets offer a dynamic musical journey through genres and styles, where house and techno music are weaved together with disco and electro to create a hypnotizing, powerful yet playful musical experience. Roi is currently living in Berlin, working as a music selector in the local branch of London’s important music establishment Phonica Records, where his love for vinyl, devotion and fascination with electronic music meets his daily routine, interacting and exchanging creatively with the local crowd of vinyl collectors and fellow DJs, whilst regularly playing Panorama Bar.
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