Robbie Pardoel (NL)

At age eleven Robbie got introduced to music. He owned an old, simple turntable, which gave the opportunity to mix two records. He spend most of his time practicing, with seamless mixing those two records being the final goal. Ten years later, Robbie has grown into an appreciated artist in clubs throughout the Netherlands. Being eager to develop himself in each and every aspect of the club scene, he started organizing his own events, and in addition, began with producing music. In the past year, he performed for large crowds on all major Dutch festivals with his brother Gers Pardoel, but most importantly, Robbie is focusing on his biggest personal interest, dance music. He has set up a professional studio in which he is currently focusing himself on producing tracks, with the emphasis on big room sounds for the international commercial dance scene. Robbie’s style is defined by his experience with progressive house, but most of all, it is defined by his passion for pop music. His passion is clearly expressed in warm melodies, mixed with phat, danceable beats. His main focus is to entertain massive crowds with his big room sounds, translating his fascination for pop music in an accessible sound and taking his dance music to an international level.
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