Robbie Avenaim (AU)

Between 1997 -2005, he studied with Gunter Muller (De), Cor Fuhler (NL), Keith Rowe (Fr), also traveled to Zimbabwe to study with drummer Sam Chugamucinyi (ZW). Avenaim advanced his studies by mentorship programs with Ernie Althoff (AU) in 2002-6 and recent studies with Conductor Ilan Volkov (IL) in Tel Aviv in 2013. Since then, he has developed a well-rounded understanding of percussion, composition and its capabilities through rigorous investigation. As a curator 1994-2012. After returning from his studies in New York and observing the vibrant ecosystem N.Y has to offer, Avenaim was inspired to foster a rich and varied experimental music ecosystem in Australia by co-founding and organizing the WHAT IS MUSIC? Festival, Australia's premier annual touring showcase of local and international experimental music from 1994-2012. “As a curator organising the festival made me take a back bench to my career as a musician, but also gave me a clear understanding what direction i should peruse musically. I really wanted to see Australian experimental music on the map.. to be recognised as an important music art form like any other” This effort saw Avenaim and Oren Ambarchi (co organiser) selflessly instigate what we know of today as a strong and vibrant Australian experimental music community. Since 2007, Robbie Avenaim has focussed on being a percussionist and composer who’s practice combines traditional and extended techniques with physical modification of the drums. Recent modifications have included the invention and application of motorised percussive mechanisms, namely SARPS (Semi Automated Robotic Percussion System) and it’s latest development SARPS 2.0. The design of new instruments is an integral part of Avenaim’s improvisatory and compositional processes in providing access to a greater vocabulary of sounds as well as expanding the role of percussion in experimental and contemporary classical musics. His kinetic sound installations have been featured at numerous galleries and festivals around the world.
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