Rik Woldring (NL)

Artist & Speaker
Rik started playing records around 2001, first he was more into the pounding and harder side of techno. Influenced by Ricardo Villalobos he discovered the more housey and deeper tunes. Nowadays he likes to play old gems together with brand new stuff and he is always searching for undiscovered bombs. Rik is a big fan of longer sets, especially in the morning hours. That’s why Rik has earned his credits as the organizer of the well-known Voltt after parties in the Supperclub. Those who have been there know the crazy mornings at numerous locations in Amsterdam. Swing, swing, swing, is all we can do when Rik gets in control behind the decks. He should be seen as an artist who understands the new direction of house and how it can be used to create a good and outgoing atmosphere on the dance floor. Rik is busy learning the tricks of producing music. So hopefully in the future we will hear his tunes on the dancefloor.
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