Miss Smile (NL)

Miss Smile is one of the first Female DJs of the world! She is also the founder of Smile Creations Music Label. She performs international at public and corporate events! She plays various music styles from House to EDM. Jolanda van den Berg also known as DJ Miss Smile is the first allround female DJ of the world. She is a true trendsetter in the field of music. She has traveled all around the world as a DJ and passes her huge amount of knowledge and passion for music through by her own DJ School. Named DJ School Netherlands. (www.djschoolnederland.nl). She also has her own agency of fellow (female and male) DJs and live musicians. All succesfully trained by herself. Nowadays she weekly performs with them. DJ Miss Smile owes her name because she shines as she spins her music with an infectious enthousiasm as no other! Logically the audiance will follow! She has over ten years experience in the event and music industry. References summarize DJ Miss Smile as follow: Assertive, quality music, trendsetter, multi talented, feminine, fun and entertainment first class! Floorfilling lady with a groovy smile!
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