Richi Risco (ES)

These facets of his personality are clearly reflected in his sets, loaded with groove and focused at all times to the dance floor. As a DJ, he brings an explosive combination to the cause; Treasures a deep musical background acquired in more than 15 years of trajectory, and in addition, always executes an intelligent reading of the most up-to-date musical trends. It is characterized by its charisma, and by achieving a total connection with the public in each of its sessions. Richi is currently a resident DJ at the Albéniz Theater in Gijón and at the events of La Real Producciones. In addition, throughout the year, visit the cabins of the most respectable clubs of much of Spain. He has also participated in numerous events of great magnitude, including the famous Aquasella festival, which Richi has been contributing for 8 years.
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