Raphael Piperno (BR)

Studying music since he was 11 years old, with initiation in the piano, the “paulista” went to London in 2010, where he lived for 2 years to study music production, mixing and sound engineering. He returned to Brazil in 2013 and began producing his own tracks in the form of transmiting to the world his ideas and vision of electronic dance music. This year he released his first EP called “Worlds” on the British label Vintage Music Label, soon afterwards he also produced a remix for the Brazilian duo Natema, and had good visibility with the music “Eternity”, released in the Treasure Compilation Ibiza V.2, in which it was highlighted with DJ Solomun's support. He also got his first big release on Austro Music (Som Livre) with “Acid Arp”, in partnership with DJ and producer Out_Ctrl. Always seeking to create a new connection with its audience Raphael Piperno has been improving with new trends and technology to seek unique presentations, creating and immersing the public in his groove, to give everyone a unique moment with his music. After connecting with Drumcomplex and Minitech Project at ADE, releases on Minitech Recordings and Complexed soon followed leading to a massive play by Joseph Capriati peak time on the coveted Awakenings festival mainstage.
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