Rakom (DE)


It’s not everyday that talent becomes so obvious at a young age, but for German DJ RAKOM the evidence is unmistakable. The Bochum-based artist, born in 2005, comes from a vinyl background and boasts impressive mixing skills alongside his drum practice that he’s been doing since he was 7.

Having a distinct idea about sounds it was logical for him to learn producing. One year into the game he wins the OFF Recordings remix contest for Drumcomplex’ track “Atomic”. During lockdown he kept himself busy livestreaming with the likes of The Advent at Techno-Club.net, of Felix Kröcher and Complexed records boss Drumcomplex himself.

Only at the beginning of his musical journey, RAKOM names the likes of Temudo, Luke Slater, Gary Beck, Oliver Rosemann and A.Paul as main influences
for his production styles.

By his own label RAKORDS, his aim is to bring raw techno music to a broader audience, both of listeners and makers, and putting an emphasis on spiking techno music through ample curation and crafty mixing skills. His release "Volt Processor EP" has positively been commented by Noir, Orde Meikle (Slam), Tassilo (Pan-Pot), Fernanda Martins, Axel Karkasis and more.

While we can’t say what the future holds for the club scene, RAKOM is continuing his mission to combine the finest tracks to his liking into his DJ sets while constantly refining his producer chops, so a likely presence in the clubs, on future streams, compilations and certainly in numerous playlists to come.

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