Rakesh Kanhai (NL)

Artist & Speaker

Rakesh Kanhai (DJ Kesh) is a DJ, policy advisor, executive producer, dramaturg and teacher of future artists. He creates live shows and uses the confrontational nature of the stage as a place to build great artist stories. For him, LIVE is LIFE. He believes the stage is a brutally honest place, and it allows for people to thrive or die inside. It magnifies how you really feel about yourself and forces you to grow as an artist. After working on, off, behind, and underneath the stage for 20 years, he knows exactly how this works, who does what and how to get things done on stage. From creating a concept to actually producing it on stage. He noticed invisible forces around the stage and started befriending them. Sound engineers, light artists, and many other technicians are the (often) unsung heroes that he works with. With this group of friends, he started a co-operation called Prestige Worldwide. Prestige Worldwide is at the base of many international success stories such as Rimon, Jay-Way but also built live shows for artists like Mula B and EDM superstar Wiwek. After selling out the AFAS Live with BOEF and going viral with the iconic intro of this show Prestige Worldwide feels the time is right to open up the books and allow a peek inside the process of moving from song to performance, and from bedroom to Coachella.

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