Pythius (NL)

Since the eruption of PYTHIUS into the drum and bass sphere with his ABANDON EP on BLACKOUT MUSIC NL and performances such as his now legendary breakout decimation of the Blackout label stage at Let It Roll festival, his rise to dizzy heights in the scene’s community of creators has been exemplary. Now, following the release of his debut DESCEND LP on Blackout, he has cemented his place in the history of the genre whilst demonstrating his adaptive abilities in unleashing the diverse forms of heavy genres that the LP holds. Pythius started out as many producers do, with his early days dominated by live performances with bands as a drummer and a focus on rock and metal. His desire to build more than complex percussive structures and realise full compositions led to starting to produce, compiling his many influences across trance, techno, metal and particularly the early 2000 era of tech-fuelled drum and bass from the likes of BSE, Konflict, C4C, Vicious Circle and Concord Dawn and finding his unique euphoric and weighty sound on this journey. His respect for melody and musical components continuously comes through alongside the powerful dirt that often provides the foundation of his creations, and further experimentations in other genres such as synthwave, techno and metal will almost certainly emerge in future. A coincidental connection with Black Sun Empire in Utrecht led to music and ideas being shared, and invitations to play at blackout nights soon evolved into an invitation to release on their seminal Blackout label, with the anthemic AIR RAID getting released on his debut ABANDON EP. Further releases on Blackout followed, with the NEW ORDER and HERESY Eps and his remix of TELEKINESIS ft. COPPA’s track FIGHT CLUB laying an immaculate trail of aural carnage at raves everywhere, as well as his remix of Cause4Concern’s track MOONGERM and original single BATTLECRUISER on the C4C RECORDINGS imprint. With live shows at some of the biggest drum & bass events in the world behind him, including Let It Roll, Sziget, Pirate Station and Animalz, as well as ongoing support from some of the scene’s biggest names such as Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Ed Rush, Audio, The Prototypes, The Upbeats and Dirtyphonics – PYTHIUS is a creator and performer with deep support in the areas that matter, matched with an array of profoundly impactful releases. Expect a future with his name starkly embedded in its history.
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