Proudly People (IT)


Since the end of 2011, Proudly People is the duo founded by Gabriele
di Natale and Antonio Cosentino. That faraway October 15th, they
were brought together by the common will to forge a musical identity
that proudly gave to alternative music their personal taste. Since then,
Proudly People project aims to uniqueness through personal style,
basing its research on creating sounds to be fused in tracks plenty of
groove and resolute rhythmic patterns, and by performing for hot

Productions genre ranges from techno to deep tech/house, with
contaminated and dense style that is winning over lots of labels, for an
impressive catalogue of tracks, EPs and remixes published on digital
and vinyl supports, on dedicated projects, compilations and V.A.’s.
Among the many labels that supported Proudly People, there are the
Germans Moon Harbour and Desolat, The Spanish Elrow, The
Americans Inmotion Music, The Canadians Rawthentic the Italians
Moan all of them devoted to worldwide talents research and
representation in underground tech house environment.
The dancefloor is natural environment to Proudly People. From the
best Milanese and Italian stages, to successful clubs all around the
world like Sankeys Ibiza, Amnesia Ibiza, Space Ibiza, Privilege Ibiza,
Studio 338 London, E1 London, Supermarket Zurich, Club102 Neuss,
La Feria Santiago del Chile, Output New York, Treehouse Miami.
The duo express itself through steady intensity DJ sets. By creating
breathXtaking soundscapes, balanced between delicate harmonies,
dense rhythmical loops and fat basses, the peculiar sound is bringing
Proudly People in several different contexts, from Europe to USA,
and all around the globe.
The reason that still brings together Gabriele e Antonio is the same
vision of the beginnings: to grow up, to stand out and have fun
through the sound, proudly.

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