Precursor (NL)


Where art and science meet.

Creativity leads to innovation and that is what Precursor is striving for. Connecting elements from Electronica and Techno, Dutch producer and composer Quirijn Verhoog delivers music that leans on the verge of two sonic universes.

With a musical background dating back over 20 years and also working in laboratories and academia for many years, Precursor has a unique take on music. His attention to detail is immaculate, treating synthesizers the same way as his lab equipment. Using modular synthesis and a scala of effect pedals he builds up complex, yet eclectic tracks.

In 2022, Precursor released his second full length studio album “GLIA” on music label Arvet Records from Swedish singer and producer Sailor & I. This album, signified by the international success of the single “Human” has been played all across the planet. Subsequent works have been remixed by and supported by the industry’s finest.

Recently, Precursor released a new single “Reset” together with UK singer Toby Harris who goes by the moniker Bad Spirit.

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