Pichuki (ES)

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Who the fuck is el pichuki ?

I was born and raised in Uruguay, and since my teenage years, I've been passionately collecting rock and roll records. I began my dj career by energizing parties at rock band gigs, exclusively spinning vinyl with a diverse range of upbeat tunes.

As the vibrant funky house scene blossomed in my city, I made the pivotal decision to curate my pure funk collection. This marked a turning point in my dj journey, where I honed my skills, established my dj name, and realized that this passion had become an inseparable part of my heart. A new and never-ending chapter opened as I played at various renowned clubs and events spanning uruguay and argentina.

In 2019, I relocated to barcelona and embarked on the journey of developing my electronic set. I immersed myself in the world of groovy electronic music, primarily focusing on house vibes. Throughout my career, I've always been the catalyst for partygoers, delivering electrifying and wild sets that ignite the crowd's energy. Love making people go crazy, I think thats a gift and my greatest motivation.

Today, a new persona emerges c-pikuchi, where I proudly unveil my kinda techno set. Since my teenage years, I've been a constant presence at my friends' techno gigs and parties, absorbing music like a sponge. My goal is to elevate my groove to the next level, and darker hype techno was the natural path to achieve that

Pichuki will be one of the artists interviewed during DECK INTERACTION Round Table talk by Mama Love.

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