Phill & Dansmore ()

Phill & Dansmore duo coming from Belgrade, and their amazing work is based on melodic techno and tech – house sound. That was not always like that. After 2 years of their hardworking, devoted career behind pseudonym Babysitters they are changing curse in creative production from house music to tech – house and techno. The new way requires new identity (Phill & Dansmore) and also it brings a new podcast show Feeland Dance More. Until today there was a lot of recognition for this duo, some that are worth mentioning are releases for world known labels like: Hotfingers, Toolroom, Cr2, Stil Vor Talent, ROMP, Patent Skillz They are not just a music producers, the music is the way they live and what is the best way to round off the story? They started their own label in 2012 and that was the first spectacular recognition for their hard work while they were in house genre. TeddyBear Records was on 25th place on Beatport’s list of the “Best Label Of 2014”. Most of their creative, eye–catching production was placed on Beatport TOP 100 in house or techno genres. In these days they have new stunning project with their friend dj/producent Tumalon for Eastern Europe – SAMO TVRDO. The concept is to bring the life and urbanize night life. It's based on techno sounds and with various guests it already have mind – blowing parties and spirit. When you think about them you will see that they are not just a producers, the music is their religion.
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