Peru (NL)

Growing up in the ‘early hardcore’ days back in the late '80's and '90s. Peru was introduced with the rave culture. This sound influenced him from the beginning. He focused his style more on the early days of oldschool hardcore and rave music. Being inspired by the legendary Parkzicht club and his djs. Like a true oldschool DJ, he is always improving his scratching and beat juggling skills. He played at different locations like DOTF Radio, XT3 Radio, Club Puma, Bibelot, Club Ecplise and Waterfront Rotterdam. And at raves like Oldschool Gangsters, House of God and Mental Torments Night. Througout the years he shared the stage with dj’s like: Mike Drama, Miss Djax, PETDuo, Frank Kvitta, Motormorfoses, Bountyhunter, DJ Rob & Mc Joe, Stanton, Waxweazle, Gizmo, Panic, Lars, Darkraver, Paul Elstak, PCP, Rave Creator and Ruthless. Because of his interest in electronic music and events, he started his has own organization called Viracocha Productions. Organizing the Funk You! parties with DJs in and around Rotterdam. And has plans to start his own recordlabel in the near futher.
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