Perry Owens (NL)


Erik Ruivenkamp, ​​aka DJ Perry Owens, born in The Hague (1967) grew up with classical music and came into contact with dance music late. During “The Love Parade” Berlin 2002, a completely new world opened up for him. After visiting various events over the years such as; Sensation White, Dancevalley, Mysteryland and many other events, dance music became increasingly part of his life.

In 2008 he started organizing his own events under the name “Dune Events”, but due to private circumstances this ended in 2012 after varying successes. What remained was his boundless enthusiasm and his love for music. By getting behind the “Wheels of Steel” with a DJ friend, DJ Perry Owens was born. The feeling of making music flow smoothly, making a flawless mix and seeing the audience go wild on a set he has created is the biggest adrenaline rush he can get.

This all-round DJ plays Deephouse, Trance, up-lifting trance, vocal and hard trance, but after being asked by a DJ friend to play techno, Perry switched to techno and is now a welcome Techno DJ at various organizations. He is now busy organizing their own techno event with 4 DJ friends under the name Techno Tr1 #Techntr1, the first edition of which is planned for the first quarter of 2024. Erik Ruivenkamp aka “DJ Perry Owens” is living his dream.

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