Peletronic (AT)

Peletronic, based in vienna, is widely recognised as a diverse artist. He can tastefully and strategically blend various subgenres in house, disco and techno, depending on his reaction to the environment and the crowd. Expanding skills in a freestyle manner can be a powerful tool when trying to set a appropriate mood for the occasion. It enables him to play with different feelings and expectations. Combining this with the solid background of DJ experience, since 2004, completes the picture. After years of development in studio he finally graduated a master's degree in digital media technology. The strong focus on audio-engineering gave him opportunities to implement his musical ideas in a more professional way. Influences are ranging from dusty jazz to futuristic electronica, and literally everything in between. As long as it's decent. Combining these two elements with a dub-mixing approach in studio opens up a lot of space for 'lucky jams'. His music got signed on imprints like fortunea (A), neo violence (CZ) and hungarian hot wax (UK). Most of the works are available on vinyl and digital.
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