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Pasiphae is an electronic music producer & DJ With a great deal of talent shown since her preteen years when still in Greece & her enthusiasm present at all times, Pasiphae sooner or later was going to release her own music and make it accessible to the people. With an open mind for experimentation, eagerness to try out various analog & digital equipment, she released a record she made together with Intergalactic Gary (needles to mention who I-G is!). Combining their talents, gear & ideas, around the end of 2016 they released their first four track EP, "Made of glass" on BioRhythm, a Rotterdam based record label run by Paul Du Lac. Since then & currently living in The Hague, she's been making the best out of her gear by producing new music & on the the 15th of June 2018 her first solo work Siphax EP came out on Artificial Dance, an Amsterdam based record label run by Interstellar Funk. It is a 6 track mini-LP that offers a neat summary of Pasiphae’s unique musical world. Her style lapses between machine driven but also melodic electro, left field techno & acid, new beat, ebm & wave. Lately we find Pasiphae playing on clubs & festivals, contributing BIG on the vibe of each event she's been invited to & the sets she delivers are always refreshing & dance-driving orientated. She is a very energetic & promising DJ. Keep an eye on her ◤◤
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