Para X (DE)

Para X (Alex van Roezel), is a son of Dutch immigrants and lives in Frankfurt/Main. He may deservedly be called one of the most hopeful producer-talents in Germany when it comes to Uplifting Trance Sound. His first release "Tears" appeared in 2001, which he produced for the closing of the legendary Dorian Gray at Frankfurt/Airport. Again under the name "Para X", he was able to cause another sensation in 2003, when he released his track "Skytunes", which happened to be the incarnation of his very own "Para X-Sound". Releases like "Space Romance" and "Lost In Memories" followed on Andy Jay Powells' Label Active Sense Records, as well as some remixes. In 2004, he started to interest in DJing and played together with many well known artists. In September 2009, he joined Talla 2XLC's legendary Technoclub!!!Besides the DJing & producing, he also joined Talla 2XLC's Label TETSUO RECORDS as Product Manager & Promotion Assistant! Let's look forward and work together for a more powerfull and united Trance-Scene!!!
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