Pal-E (IN)

Driving from the melodies & percs inspired from various parts of the planet,Arpit Paliwal a.k.a Pal-E has made his way in the Music scene in his ownrage. This brilliant producer
brings out music that drives wavelengths of every spectrum. Been an important part of the
musical shifts of Rajasthan,his music is appreciated by many big wigs of the music industry. At the moment Pal-E is based in “Jaipur” the musically rich city.. Playing at several venues, now he is ready to share his music with wider audience. With some new albums coming out on respected music labels both national & international, his music is definitely the stuff that the dance music community is waiting for. Hosting few radio shows on international radio channels he has gained popularity where ever his music is heard. Watch out for this giant of a mammoth you will find in the top music festivals & gatherings.His music is bound to give you a beautiful experience.
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