Paji (DE)

Paji is a German musician who produces advanced electronic music and plays live acts. Furthermore he copes with playing various classical instruments, particularly the violin. Paji combines this extraordinary skill with his ability to produce colorful electronic music and causes special sounds moments for his audience. Paji was born in Cologne, Germany in 1986. At the age of five, he discovered his passion for music in all its facets. Learning and playing traditional instruments fascinated him since his early childhood: alongside percussions, the violin quickly became his favorite instrument. At “Rheinische Musikschule Köln“ he was educated in playing the classical violin. As a teenager Paji discovered his special talent for combining different styles of music with each other, including pop, rock, hip-hop, house and classic. By the live accompaniment of the violin, Paji creates inimitable club arrangements. The fusion of different musical genres lead to the special Paji sound which is improvised, miscellaneous, individual, different. It is colored as Paji himself: his Kurdish roots give his music a multi-cultural character, which makes his sound unique and gives the audience an unforgettable live experience. Since 2010 Paji plays at the most famous hotspots all over Europe. PAJI played e.g. Fusion festival (Berlin, Germany) Bora Bora (Ibiza, Spain), Fete de la Musique (Paris, France) and the world-famous Tresor Club (Berlin, Germany). PAJI cooperates continuously with various artists in the music scene in order to realize innovative projects. Two of its closest partners are Tube & Berger and Basti Grub. In addition to his extraordinary musical talent, PAJI represents a special character: his friends and associates describe him as loyal, friendly, open and genuine person for whom passion for music is more important than fame and money. PAJI is special, different and individual. You have to experience his live act just feel. With all your senses.
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