Ophelie Mercury (FR)


Rock’n’roll child, Ophélie has been passionate about music since the very beginning. From the rumble of Rock’n’Roll to the swing of samba, tribal beats resonated through her childhood home day in, day out. Finding ones stage alias can be tricky, however Ophelie’s obsession with Queen and their front man's majestically magnetic legacy graced her with effortless inspiration to become "Ophelie Mercury"

Born in France, Ophélie fell head over heels in love with the decks after her best friend and DJ, Alex Montana showed her the ropes. It was ‘love at first side’ and wouldn't be long before securing her first bar residency in the Marais district Paris. At night she is spinning wild and electric tunes in clubs and during the day she is spinning magical designs for a creative agency. Her music combines tech house, tribal beats and groove to build her own musical universe and create a boogie temple for clubbers.

In 2008 she was chosen to be ‘Only for DJs’ magazine’s muse and started to do a tour of clubs in France alongside Greg Cerrone & Martin Eyerer. It was there that she really started to make a name for herself and find her unique place behind the decks. From there she toured around Europe and North Africa.

Ophelie has unleashed her sounds at epic parties such as Technoparade Paris in front of 10,000 clubbers. The Ministry of Sound Official Party was also major.

In 2017, she moved to Melbourne where she was DJ resident at Warehouse3000 party and guest DJ across other Melbourne underground music clubs. Melbourne has inspired Ophélie to produce more music and build on her already impressive original tracklist. A multifaceted artist, Ophelie also likes to create her own universe by designing her album artwork and video clips.

Her music is catchy and fierce. It will make you want to dance.

She is a free bird looking to connect people through vibration, energy and a little bit of music magic. Record’s label Lorv’s Records, Hontas Records, Xtrxx Records and Kingside Recordings.

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