Olga Misty (RU)

"Olga Misty get into electronic music by listening Garage Radio Show in late 90-es. Gradually a simple passion for music evolved into attempts to create the first DJ sets in 2008. Olga prefers deep, emotional and heart touching music, that's why she had chosen progressive house as main genre. Appearenced as a guest in radio shows like ""Silk Valleys"" (EnSonic.FM), ""Mindscapes"" (Pure.FM), as well as ""Morphosis"", ""Soundscapes Digital"" (Proton Radio), ""Frisky Loves Russia"" (friskyRadio), ""Voice of Nature"" (FRISKY), ""Russian Roulette"" (Digitally Imported) and many many other radioshows. Since June 2011 she started her main project - own radioshow ""Ocean Planet"" on Pure.FM Progressive Channel, and now it is broadcasting on Proton Radio, Houseradio and Nube Music Radio. She also played on events and festivals in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Netherlands."
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