Nsasi (UG)


Nsasi has carved a unique path in Kampala’s underground scene with his agile and daring style of playing. Known as the Enfant Terrible, Nsasi has always defied authority, seeking inspiration from the scandalous 1980s pop sensation Tshala Muana, he learned to embrace a life and performance that defied conventions. Nsasi’s music is a testament to his audacious spirit, seamlessly blending a nostalgia for traditional rhythms and sound palettes with hyper-modern and disruptive compositions. His repertoire is characterized by daring jumps between disparate sounds, effortlessly propelling the listener through drastically different tempos and genres. This creates a captivating and open space of possibilities, where acid-infused beats collide with Kiganda percussion or East African Trap. In addition to his solo endeavors, Nsasi is also a founding member of Anti Mass collective from Uganda. With his fluid and compelling style, Nsasi continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene

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