NoVone (SE)


NoVone aka Olle Neldemo is a Swedish artist based in Gothenburg. He creates beautiful progressive house and electro house music with the occasional future rave touch. His first ever release “Olympia” was supported by Sander Van Doorn and he continued to drop some stunning singles all throughout 2021 including “Exit”, “Burn It”, and “Above It All”.

NoVone fell in love with house music after hearing the Axwell Remix of “In the Air” for the first time and began producing his own music at the age of 15. Inspired by major DJs and their indisputable impact on the industry, NoVone realized how much he had to say to the world through music. Stepping into the arena professionally in 2019, he began carefully crafting fresh music, one song at a time.

NoVone comes up with exciting and uplifting music that has an original vibe to it. His work is themed around emotions and even through raw aggression NoVone arrives at a positive result.

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