Nothing Is Real ()


NIR was born to explore new horizons and push bound-aries in the electronic music field. Every track is almostlike apnea, a deep way of perceiving sound, betweensensations and perceptions through the essence ofevery frequency.

Appreciated in Berlin and around Europe, the artist hasbuilt throughout the years his unique distinctive sound,influenced by ambient music and the early 90’s Hip Hopculture.His artistic career starts and grows in Turin where hespecializes as Sound Engineer, then in Rome where in2012 he founds Spacedrome - an experimental collectiveproject working with new forms and facets of Bass musicmade in the UK.After years of collaboration with the best representativesof the European Bass scene and after being present atvarious festivals like the Outlook in Croatia, he moves toBerlin in 2015, to expand his cultural and musical back-ground.Always trying to evolve altogether with his artistic projectsand his desire to explore the unknown in the attempt togive the listener a linear and emotional contact with theresearch of art itself. After several releases on differentEuropean labels, gigs in some of the most renownedclubs around Europe and supported by many artists, healso participates in the creation of the soundtrack for theawarded short movie “Come Down” for the London FilmSchool, bringing his experiments and sharing the vision ofhis sound also in the Cinematographic panorama.

NIR has the mission of celebrate and keep alive everyaspect of what the music culture should be as the high-est expression of art.

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