No Rush (IT)


No Rush : Hailing from Milan, Italy, at 27, No Rush is a DJ and producer known for his introspective sound. With adecade spinning tunes and electronic music production training from SAE Institute Milano, he's crafted a unique fusion of analog and digital artistry. No Rush's debut EP 'Desorienta' kicked off his sonicjourney. Collaborations with talents like David Di Sabato and reimagining tracks like 'Altum' have stretched his evolving style. He's had a blast teaming up with his Colombian buddy Deviu on the "Infinite Path" EP, and, not to forget, he's cooked up remix magic with his friend and colleague Viel. Lately, No Rush has been diving into the world of organic percussion rhythms and instruments, dancing between Melodic and Afro House vibes. Get ready to groove as No Rush keeps the good times flowing and the beats glowing!

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