Nikki Hock (NL)


Nikki Hock is a multidisciplinary artist who sculpts the spaces and environments around us to create experiential landscapes. Nikki does not merely focus on representation, but rather engages with the present moment to create abstractions of memories and lived experiences. His work moves between reality and the metaphysical—in search of other worlds and new dimensions.

Nikki is drawn to performance as a live medium, researching and developing spatial installations in which the audience becomes part of the work—creating a collective experience that simultaneously touches each spectator individually. His ensembles of light, color, shape, sculpture, and space create an immersive journey, with the totality of elements forming the complete experience. Engaging in a journey with the spectator through the use of different mediums, Nikki searches for aesthetics that cultivate direct and uninterrupted communication. Through a layered process, in which he appeals to each sense individually, Nikki explores the interplay between the (in)tangible and its perception.

Currently, Nikki is working on a trilogy of installation-based performances that are dealing with the pillars of modern citizenship. Why, Why ohh why (YYOY) is the first part of the trilogy.

Nikki Hock currently lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated in 2014 as a performance artist from the Mime department at the Amsterdam Theatre School. Over the course of his practice, his work has transitioned from engaging with the body as a tool for performance to engaging with light, objects, and space as performers within an environment. He has shown his work at the Stedelijk Museum, W139, and the Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam, TodaysArt festival, Rewire, and TAHS in Den Haag, SXSW Festival, and Athens digital arts festival.

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