Nick Ramoudt (BE)

Speaker (Fuse)

After getting slipped a Boccaccio club tape recording by a friend back in 1992, Nick Ramoudt quickly dumped his Guns ’n’ Roses tapes and developed a health appetite for all genres electronic. Spending entire weekends traveling around Belgium frequenting the clubs that would

put the country on the electronic music map he quickly realised he wanted to be part of this fresh new and exciting scene. When in 1994 he was pushed by his father to take up law studies he made the best of a bad situation and discovered the then recently opened Fuse Club in Brussels. For me it was a weekly pilgrimage to meet and talk to people who understood what we thought was ‘real’ techno, it was a very tight knit scene back then… we were very militant and protective of ‘our’ scene. Pushing the previous owner for a job he was granted entry into the techno realms as an empty glass collector, working himself up to head booker in 2001. A brief episode tour managing the baron of techno Dave Clarke showed him the other side of the profession. He says

it was a true eye opener learning how the little things can make dj’s who have to travel a ridiculous amount and show up in unknown settings feel more at home in a club. In 2008 he managed to purchase Fuse and continued as manager till today. In his career so far Nick has booked almost 2000 club nights and signed nearly 4500 dj contracts. Winner of the Red Bull Elektropedia ‘Best Belgian Club Ever’ and the Red Bull Elektropedia Best Club Award (2011, 2012; 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017) Nick is currently developing his love for bigger events with the Rave Rebels concept which will see its first edition on Saturday 12 October 2019.

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