Nick Greco (AU)

Speaker (Untitled Group)

Nicholas Greco is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Untitled Group, Australia’s largest independent music and events company, selling 450,000+ tickets annually across their national concert tours and large-scale events, including Beyond The Valley and Pitch Music & Arts; the two largest multi-day music festivals in Victoria.

He has played a vital role in the rapid growth and success of the organisation, overseeing the rapidly growing touring team, expansion into asia, as well as leading the programming and lineup curation across all festival assets and tours, ensuring that festivals under Untitled Group's banner maintain a fresh and diverse lineup for each edition.

Nicholas has led Untitled Group to achieve remarkable milestones. In the 2022/23 summer season, the Melbourne-headquartered company hosted an impressive 373 events throughout Australia, which resulted in a staggering 25% increase in ticket sales compared to the previous year, surpassing 450,000 tickets sold. Nicholas has been a two time winner of Australia’s ‘Young Entrepreneurs Awards’ (alongside Co-Founding partners Mike, Fil and Christian), been featured twice The Music’s ‘Power 50’, won the Smart 50’s ‘Resilience Award’ and Commbank’s Young Hero’s Start Up Of The Year Award.

LinkedIn: Nicholas John Greco

TikTok: Nicholas Greco

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