Nichole G

Nichole G (US)

Artist & Speaker - 2019
Born in New York and raised in Maine, Nichole has lived in almost every major US city and has most recently been hustling in Los Angeles for 10 years. As a DJ of 21 years she’s performed around the country as well as Tokyo, Istanbul and Amsterdam, and has had amazing opportunities to be immersed in many different electronic music subcultures around the world. Late-night events have been the main gigs as well as fashion/art shows, swank restaurants, and birthday parties. She has produced and co-produced a number of her own events around the country including undergrounds, monthly events and podcasts, and has an overall solid and extensive background in all things media and tech. Nichole has worked as a visual designer for over 15 years and has left that behind to now work as a Human Potential Coach, helping others reach their own human potential and awesomeness.
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