Nichole G (US)

Artist & Speaker (Meta Conscious Collective)

Nichole G is a DJ and Human Potential Coach living in Los Angeles, California whose diverse experience in the worlds of music, health and fitness, and human potential gives her perspective and understanding of the unique obstacles faced in the dance music community as well as the resources and know-how to overcome them.

Nichole is a Los Angeles resident DJ and artist for Seattle-based Viva Recordings and creates artwork for Viva releases. She's performed around the world, thrown numerous events, and has taught music production and web design courses at Full Sail and SAE-Los Angeles. With more than two decades of experience as a DJ and visual designer, and 10+ years building expertise in Human Potential and Health/Fitness, Nichole knows what it takes to stay sharp to do what she loves. With an energetic five year old daughter in the mix, she knows it’s a must to keep the brain fit, the body energized, and the soul deeply satisfied.

The duality of working in this industry lies within the passion to create and share, vs. the pressure to continue creating, producing, networking and doing. The wear and tear of the hard hours, late nights and travel reduce our ability to function optimally. These realities coupled with the effects of our greater culture—the pressures and distractions of constant connectivity—make it challenging and more crucial than ever to seek and find balance between our external and internal environments.



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