Nevin Hendrickson (KR)

Speaker (CakeShop)

Nevin has been deeply involved in the underground club scene for over 19 years (focusing on Ghetto club music from around the world and intersecting diaspora sounds) he has also simultaneously been involved in the art and fashion world for this period and longer developing intersections, and relationships that have shaped his curation and outlook in the music world. He's one part of the cakeshop, contra, pistil crew in seoul mainly through curation. While also working on the Tic tac toe agency project using their venues in Seoul as anchors to spread music through the rest of Asia, while cultivating building out new artists projects through their new Label Carousel seoul (CRSL).

Other projects include Hyperwine (an AV music experience), Hyper club 3.0 (born out of lockdowns and the spaces that never existed) and on the run events group . During his period in the music scene he has produced club nights in Seoul, Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Tokyo, Vancouver, Hong Kong and more.

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