Neverdogs (IT)

The Neverdogs is a story about talent, passion and technique, which began in 2000 in Florence when Tommy Paone teamed up with Marco De Gregorio: two DJs originally from Catanzaro, who had started off playing separately in the early 90s, before forming the Neverdogs. The duo immediately demonstrated their personalities and skills, setting new music trends, conquering residencies in some of the most famous Italian clubs like Tenax in Florence, Cocoricò in Rimini and Docshow in Bologna, a club where the duo regularly return. Four years later the musician Davide Ruberto joined them and the Neverdogs were ready to build a respected reputation from DJs to producers in the electronic/dance circuit. In the winter of 2005 they gained residency at the Egg in London, where they still frequently perform as guests. In the summer of the same year and the one that followed, the Neverdogs were in the spotlight of a huge audience in Ibiza, the hottest and most demanding location in the electronic world scene, where they were invited to perform in exclusive clubs such as Privilege, Space, Zoo Project and Underground. Over the years it’s been the Neverdogs’ natural talent, sexy sound and dynamics which have consecrated them as a point of reference in the underground scene, transforming them into authentic exponents in the music industry. Moreover, they proved themselves to be absolute protagonists in some of the most highly anticipated musical events in Italy and abroad, in cities like London, Miami and Punta del Este in Uruguay, allowing them to become an integral part of the most exclusive establishments around the globe, playing alongside big names such as Loco Dice, Behrouz, Dan Ghenacia, Shonky, Audiofly, Luna City Express and many more. Even the prime productions of the Neverdogs were successful, gaining respect and admiration from high calibre stars like Satoshi Tomie, Pascal Feos and Steve Lawler, appearing on some of the most important labels of that period such as Global Underground, as well as being included in important playlists; like that of Richie Hawtin, Timo Mass and Bushwacka! In 2012 the style of the Neverdogs continued to amaze Europe and South America, thanks to their performances on tour alongside stars like Craig Richards at the Tenax in Florence or at Move On Festival in Uruguay. During that summer they were guests at Ushuia and even became stars of Marco Carola’s Music On project at the famous Amnesia, in Ibiza. The Neverdogs have never stopped performing and in 2013 they were resident at the famous Vanilla Ninja in Moscow, as well as giving a rocking performance at the Miami Winter Music Conference with Music On at Nikki Beach. The duo was also chosen to perform at numerous exclusive private parties, for example at Naomi Cambell’s partner’s birthday party in Jodhpur in India, where they shared the stage with international stars like Diana Ross, Jamiroquai, Billy Idol and Brian Ferry. In the summer of the same year they were signed up for the second time as an integral part of the most famous events in Ibiza, Marco Carola’s Music On at Amnesia. So what was missing to conclude this unforgettable season? The closing party and the special new year opening of Amnesia alongside Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Marc Antona, Pan-Pot and Mar-T. 2014 opened in the vibrant Mexican setting of Mamita’s Beach Club with a special performance at the BPM Festival for Music On, alongside Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati, without forgetting the exclusive closing party of the Festival, reserved for promoters and artists from all over the world. In February the Neverdogs did a stint in Brazil, first as special guests at the Music Week Festival in Florianapolis, where they played with Andrew Grant (DC10) twice, then as performers at the renowned D-Edge Club in Sao Paolo, one of the most famous underground clubs in the world. On their return to Europe they received a really warm welcome back, while on tour between Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom at the inescapable Music On party In London. They have had a lot of satisfaction over these years, for example when they got re-signed at the BPM Festival, with a show at Santanera di Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, which will stay in the memories and the hearts of many. Even in this edition of the Festival the Neverdogs performed at the official closing after party, sharing the jungle set stage with Marco Carola, Hector, Richie Ahmed, WaFF. The winter Music On appointment could not be missed in the English capital at the renowned Koko, alongside Marco Carola and LocoDice, followed by the official after party, the Fire. A new enthusiastic chapter in the story of the Neverdogs is about to be written in 2015 and the summer of 2015 is amongst the most awaited for by fans of the Techno scene: the duo will next be on stage as guests in sensational locations like The End in Colombia, Blue Marlin in the Arab Emirates, Moan ShowCase at the famous Sonar Festival in Barcellona and the 18Hours Festival in Amsterdam. However, the Neverdogs continue to amaze their fans and for this reason they will be resident for the fourth time at Music On, the most famous party held on Fridays at Amnesia in Ibiza, as well as being one of the names of the Music On tour.
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