Natasja Jagesar (NL)

Speaker (Head of the Urban Division, Cloud 9)

Natasja Jagesar was raised in Rotterdam and music has always been a big part of her life which was influenced by the mixture of the different cultures of Rotterdam. She has also experienced the huge development of Hip Hop, Latin, Oriental and Afro genre during a period of ten years at the biggest Urban radio station of The Netherlands, FunX radio. She was then active as radio producer of prime time shows, artist handler, event- and video producer.

Nowadays Natasja has a growing network in the music industry and works as Head of the Urban division at Cloud 9 Music Publishing, one of the main independent Publishing companies in Europe ( www.cloud9music.nl ), with a big roster of top urban producers ,artists and songwriters from Holland and the rest of Europe. She loves to discover and to develop Urban talents, she works with production companies and thinks along with them about their music careers, songwriting, studio sessions, branding, marketing- and release strategy’s etc.
Her purpose in the music industry is actually to make a difference as an ambitious woman with passion for music and also to educate songwriters, producers, label owners about the importance of Music Publishing and copyright administration.

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