Natalie Maddix ()

Speaker (Founder/Creative Director, House Gospel Choir & REP Vocal Agency)

For over 10 years Natalie Maddix, Founder/Creative Director of House Gospel Choir & REP Vocal Agency, has diligently and faithfully built and developed a beautiful community of singers. It is a genuine representation of her experiences as a woman living in London, specifically Brixton, and is the embodiment of her cultural, spiritual and musical beliefs. We can't all speak at the same time and have our voices heard, but we can sing together as one voice and be understood - We Are One has become their mantra. With a wealth of experience of 20+ years as a vocalist, songwriter and vocal producer, Nat is passionate in creating meaningful contributions to the nurturing of personal creativity and the development of sustainable platforms for great art to flourish. An entrepreneur at an intersection where radical self-love and music meet.

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