Nadjim Tsouli ()

He met Mark Loonen in 2013 and Martin Garrix ‘Animals’ was the first project in which they started their successful cooperation, now under Mark’s media company MRK1, creating content for internationally acclaimed dj’s, events, record labels and brands. Nadjim is one of the few producers that doesn’t only get to work on video’s for Martin Garrix, but also for two time nr1 dj of the world: Hardwell. His work was noticed by Hardwell’s cinematographer Robin Piree, who also started to work more often with Nadjim on his filmproductions including the musicvideo ‘Echo’ and filmcontent for Hardwell’s brandpartnership with KLM. This now makes him the link between two filmpowerhouses working (together) for 2 of the biggest stars and future legends in the EDM scene. ‘Animals’ counting over 600.000.000 views on youtube and the MTV VMA nomination for this video in 2014, is absolutely one of the highlights in his career
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